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The “Silver Lining”

Did you know that we employ only highly skilled silversmiths to repair your precious antiques and valuable metal items?  You might be wondering what a silversmith does.  Silversmiths make and repair objects that are fabricated from sterling or silver.  From jewelry to ornaments, the list is literally endless.  They are known for their ability to craft items while understanding the properties of silver and unique techniques to manipulate shapes.  Since every metal has different properties, they require a silversmith to understand the different temperatures and working requirements.

Here is a breakdown of the steps included in silversmithing:

  1. Sawing / cutting the metal
  2. Filing
  3. Hammering and shaping (metalwork)
  4. Soldering
  5. Finishing and polishing

Do you have a special piece that has dents, cracks, splits or other damage?  We can restore it back to its original condition at Forms in Sculpture.  Find out more here!

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