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Forms In Sculpture Repairs are performed by highly skilled Jewelers and Silversmiths

Our highly skilled jewelers and silversmiths take extra care in repairing antiques and other valuable metal items such as silver, brass, copper, pewter, etc. Dents, cracks, splits or other damage can be fixed correctly restoring the item back to its original condition. Below are examples of repair and restoration services:

We also work on large metal sculptures and bronze castings.

Outdoor Sculptures and Bronzes are put together with many welds that tend to become loose, crack, and break overtime. Forms In Sculpture Repairs have the capacity and facility to handle larger and heavier bronze sculpture that require specialty welds. Our goal is to provide a repair that is performed with great technique that is unnoticeable once finished.

  • Flatware Repairs
    • Replace old steel knife blades with Sheffield stainless steel.
    •Remove disposal marks from flatware
  • Vanity Set Repairs
    • Replace comb or brush bristles
    • Replace cracked or damaged beveled mirrors
    • Monogram Removal
  • Candelabra Repairs
    • Silver solder arms and bases
    • Dent removal and crack repairs
  • Tea Service Repairs
    • Dent removal
    • Silver solder of finials and broken legs
    • Hinge and handle repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
    • Rewire lamps and chandeliers
  • Silver Soldering, Brazing and Welding
    • Any type of metal we can weld: pewter, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, silver, brass, copper
    • Furniture metal legs and arms (cast aluminum or iron)
    • Bronze sculpture breaks
    • Stainless cookware handles
    • Copper or brass fixtures
  • Replacement Parts
    • Bronze casting
    • Replace missing flatware pieces

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