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With Forms In Sculpture Polishing, Bring Life Back To Your Cherished Pieces.

Every item is unique and needs to be assessed. At Forms In Sculpture we will evaluate each piece and then make recommendations as to what needs to be done. Some pieces may look as though they need to be re-plated, however sometimes a professional metal polishing is what they need to restore their beauty. The Forms In Sculpture Polishing technique and methods involve the use of all types of machinery. 

On larger pieces including trays and larger lamp parts we use buffing machines with fabric wheels that spin at high rpms.  The wheels are coated with polishing rouge.  The rouges have different compounds, that provide the ability to take out blemishes, heavy tarnish, or lightly buff to a high polish finish.  During these stages we can also use different finishing wheels to provide satin and antique finishes.

The Forms In Sculpture Polishing and Refinishing process is done in 9 steps.

Over years of experience with all types of metal work, we have come up with a 9 step refinishing process that helps us evaluate and service your piece properly.  Polishing is one of the techniques used in this refinishing process and requires great attention to detail.  Our polishers have years of experience and are trained to use high powered machines safely in order to provide excellent polished, satin, antique, and custom finishes.

  • Step 1
    The first step is diagramming and disassembly of the item in order to prepare for stripping. Items need to be broken down to every screw, bolt, nut, glass insert, liners, etc. to avoid damage. This also allows us to work on each item separately and precisely.
  • Step 2
    Some items may be chemically stripped in order to remove any old residue: old varnish, lacquers, polishes, and paints.
  • Step 3
    The interiors and crevices of some pieces may be bead blasted to take out any old corrosion that may be embedded in the metal.
  • Step 4
    Chemical cleaning with acids may be necessary to prep the metal surface for buffing. Certain acids for silver metals will take any heavy tarnish off and others will take heavy corrosion off of copper and brass.
  • Step 5
    Highly experienced and trained polishers buff on high-speed machines that spin abrasive and semi-abrasive wheels. At this step we take out scratches and smooth out surfaces to allow for the metal to show it’s beauty.
  • Step 6
    Coloring or Polishing is the final buffing stage when the sole purpose is to brighten the metal. At this step we can also create many specialty finishes: Satin, Antique, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Copper Antique, and many more. See our Custom Metal Finish Chart for details.
  • Step 7
    Once the finish is accomplished we must take the final steps in order to seal the finish in a protective coating. All pieces must be de-greased from all polishing compound and dirt. All parts will be hung and sprayed with clear lacquers and ceramics depending on the durability necessary for the environment.
  • Step 8
    24 hours of drying time is needed. Then the piece is reassembled according to diagram. Lamps and electric components will be replaced with new parts to assure top efficiency.
  • Step 9
    Enjoy your newly restored item!

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