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With Forms In Sculpture Plating services we offer silver, brass, copper, nickel, and gold plating.

If a piece needs to be re-plated, the same steps will be necessary as polishing. Once the item is prepared it goes through electroplating which applies a coating of brass, nickel, silver, gold or copper.

Once the Forms In Sculpture Plating process is complete, the item is inspected again and then polished out to the desired finish and lacquered.

Please notify us as to whether or not your item will be placed outdoors; in this case a weather resistant ceramic coating will or can be applied.

Why do some pieces need plating?

Plating is a finishing method provided on many antiques and a variety of decorative hardware fixtures. Plating is a thin coating of metal that is electronically adhered to the base metal surface, this electronic process is done under a submerged solution.

In some cases a fixture may be a brass base metal and plated with a variety of metals silver, nickel, bronze, and copper. Silver plating is common amount many antiques and over many years will become worn down to the base metal with handling and polishing.

We also service many door and plumbing fixture manufacturers where customers would like a custom finish that they do not offer. In this case, we provide the customer with the custom plated finish they desire.

Once the Forms In Sculpture Plating process is complete we can coat the metal an indoor or exterior clear coat to prevent tarnishing for many years.

We offer care products for a number of materials.

Once your item has been restored you can preserve its beauty with our line of care products. We provide a variety of silver, copper, brass, and pewter care products.

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