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Custom Finishes

A variety of Forms In Sculpture Custom Finishes can be applied to your items, below are some examples

There are many options when you come to Forms in Sculpture. Besides our standard high polish finish, we offer a variety of finishing options. We have done this to stay with the current building trends and architectural preferences of homeowners, architects, and builders. Modern to classic homes require different finishes in order to meet their decor.Β  Trends change of years so we stay up to date with all finishing requirements. Custom finishes include satin, brushed, antique, bronzing, patina, oxidizing, and other hand-painted and applied finishes.Β 

With Forms In Sculpture Custom Finishes, you have a variety of options available.

Have you ever thought of changing your plumbing fixtures from chrome to satin nickel or from satin nickel to oil rub bronze? With Forms in Sculpture Custom Finishes, we can help with accomplishing a variety of custom finishes that you can not get from the manufacturer. We handle a wide range of hardware including kitchen handles, door hardware, bathroom fixtures, and more that we can update to fit todays modern architecture and interior design.

  • Clear Coats
    A durable coating that is usually applied on the top of the finish to protect metal and restoration. We offer lacquer clears for most indoor applications and highly durable epoxy clears for exterior door hardware and fixtures.
  • Polished
    Produces a highly reflective shine.
  • Satin
    This produces a soft brushed sheen.
  • Antique
    To achieve this look we strategically age the piece with oxidizers.
  • Bronze
    This gives the piece an Oil-rubbed look in chocolate, brown or black.
  • Patina
    Represent a wide variety of colors, most common would be a verde green or a blue green.
  • Flame Treated
    Used in mainly copper to give color with a torch flame. Used primarily in sculpture work.

We offer care products for a number of materials.

Once your item has been restored you can preserve its beauty with our line of care products. We provide a variety of silver, copper, brass, and pewter care products.

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