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Care Products

Keep your pieces looking their best with our Forms In Sculpture Care Products

With Forms In Sculpture Care Products, once your item has been restored you can preserve its beauty. We provide a variety of silver, copper, brass, and pewter care products. From sprays, liquids or dips we cover the entire basis. We also provide fabric pouches to prevent tarnish for your silver products.

Hagerty Care Products

Today, strong of its more than 125 years of expertise, Hagerty is based in Switzerland and is present in over 70 countries. Hagerty develops and commercializes specific care products for: Jewelry, Watches and Accessories/ Decoration items/ Tableware/ Carpet and Textile/ Multi-surfaces. Taking care of your precious objects is Hagerty’s mission.

Hagerty Silversmiths’ Spray Polish

The enhanced formula works to maintain your silver’s patina while guarding against tarnish for months, leaving a lustrous “showroom shine” on your finest pieces. Contains R-22, the world’s longest lasting, patented tarnish preventive agent.

Hagerty Silver Protection Strips

The number one cause of tarnish is airborne sulfur. After polishing, protect your precious silver from tarnish even longer by using Hagerty Silver Protection Strips – a safe method for absorbing airborne sulfur before it reaches your beautiful silver.

Hagerty Silver Duster

A two-piece polishing cloth developed to easily remove light tarnish from silver. A convenient method for dusting your display pieces regularly. Contains R-22, the world’s longest lasting, patented tarnish preventive agent.

Goddard Care Products

Originally founded in Leicester, England, Goddard’s fine cleaners and polishes are used by professionals, museums and estates around the world. They have found that there are no other products that shine and protect their valued belongings like Goddard’s.

Brass and Copper Polish

Use Goddard’s Brass and Copper Polish to bring out the natural beauty of your fine metal. The expert formulation of Goddard’s Brass and Copper Polish is safe for all household metals, including those that are in contact with food.


Silver Polish

Joseph Goddard developed the first proprietary silver polish in the world 140 years ago. The original Goddard’s Silver Polish formula has been perfected over time by combining its traditional excellence with today’s advanced technology. Goddard’s continues to be trusted by museums, fine hotels and prominent estates around the world for the care of fine silver.

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