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Restoring Antique Door Locks!

Metal restoration isn’t just about returning the items back to their original beauty and brilliance. A lot of times its goes beyond the cosmetics of the item being restored.

When dealing with restoring antique door locks there is a mechanical and functional aspect that needs to be addressed. Old metal rusts especially when exposed to outside elements. For that reason, many antique locks have issues centered around oxidation or even insects can intrude making a home inside the locking mechanism. Both of these can lead to antique locks seizing up internally.

At Forms In Sculpture we carefully examine the casing and diagram the internal workings. All the mechanical pieces are then removed and polished to remove the rust and any other foreign objects. From time to time the locks may have cracks or even breaks. When antique locks are damaged enough, they may need some level of fabrication as a part of the antique lock repair.

These locks are pieces of history. It’s important when restoring them to handle them with care. Contacting Forms In Sculpture to restore your timeless locks will help ensure many more years of use!

Below are photos of antique door locks Forms In Sculpture has been working on for a variety of historical homes in Pennsylvania. It’s been our pleasure to see these locks come back to life!

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