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Finding Treasures?

During this time of self-quarantine, many of us are finding ourselves in uncertain times.  We are with you!  Our family at Forms In Sculpture is offering curbside drop off and pick up.  You can even email us with a photo so that we can provide you with a quote.  More than anything, we are sending out good vibes for everyone to stay healthy and safe!

Many of us are trying to stay busy by cleaning out closets, attics, and garages.  In doing so, perhaps you have stumbled across some hidden treasures and antiques.  Even though these items may have seen better days, we can help bring these treasures back to their original glory!

Our highly skilled jewelers and silversmiths take extra care in repairing antiques and other valuable metal items such as silver, brass, copper, pewter, etc.

If a piece needs to be re-plated, the item is prepared and then it goes through electroplating which applies a coating of brass, nickel, silver, gold or copper.

At Forms in Sculpture, we take each piece through a 9 Step process for polishing. When finished, your piece will appear as it did the day it was brand new.

Once your item has been restored, you can preserve its beauty with our line of care products. We provide a variety of silver, copper, brass, and care products.

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