Show you Care with our Care Products!

Once we have restored your item, you can preserve its beauty with our high-quality line of care products. We offer a variety of copper, brass, silver, and pewter care products in spray, liquid, and dip form. We also offer fabric pouches that will help prevent your silver from tarnishing.

Hagerty Silversmiths’ Spray Polish
The enhanced formula works to maintain your silver’s patina while guarding against tarnish for months, leaving a lustrous “showroom shine” on your finest pieces. Contains R-22, the world’s longest lasting, patented tarnish preventive agent.

Hagerty Silver Protection Strips
The number one cause of tarnish is airborne sulfur. After polishing, protect your precious silver from tarnish even longer by using Hagerty Silver Protection Strips – a safe method for absorbing airborne sulfur before it reaches your beautiful silver.

Hagerty Silver Duster
A two-piece polishing cloth developed to easily remove light tarnish from silver. A convenient method for dusting your display pieces regularly. Contains R-22, the world’s longest lasting, patented tarnish preventive agent.

Brass and Copper Polish
Use Goddard’s Brass and Copper Polish to bring out the natural beauty of your fine metal. The expert formulation of Goddard’s Brass and Copper Polish is safe for all household metals, including those that are in contact with food.

Silver Polish
Joseph Goddard developed the first proprietary silver polish in the world 140 years ago. The original Goddard’s Silver Polish formula has been perfected over time by combining its traditional excellence with today’s advanced technology. Goddard’s continues to be trusted by museums, fine hotels and prominent estates around the world for the care of fine silver.

Metal Luster
Remove heavy oxidation and corrosion quickly and easily with Metal Luster. Clean all the way to the bare metal and leave a protective high-gloss shine. Safe for use on highly polished surfaces. *Not for use with aluminum. Metal Luster will remove protective varnish film.*

Finding Treasures?

During this time of self-quarantine, many of us are finding ourselves in uncertain times.  We are with you!  Our family at Forms In Sculpture is offering curbside drop off and pick up.  You can even email us with a photo so that we can provide you with a quote.  More than anything, we are sending out good vibes for everyone to stay healthy and safe!

Many of us are trying to stay busy by cleaning out closets, attics, and garages.  In doing so, perhaps you have stumbled across some hidden treasures and antiques.  Even though these items may have seen better days, we can help bring these treasures back to their original glory!

Our highly skilled jewelers and silversmiths take extra care in repairing antiques and other valuable metal items such as silver, brass, copper, pewter, etc.

If a piece needs to be re-plated, the item is prepared and then it goes through electroplating which applies a coating of brass, nickel, silver, gold or copper.

At Forms in Sculpture, we take each piece through a 9 Step process for polishing. When finished, your piece will appear as it did the day it was brand new.

Once your item has been restored, you can preserve its beauty with our line of care products. We provide a variety of silver, copper, brass, and care products.

The “Silver Lining”

Did you know that we employ only highly skilled silversmiths to repair your precious antiques and valuable metal items?  You might be wondering what a silversmith does.  Silversmiths make and repair objects that are fabricated from sterling or silver.  From jewelry to ornaments, the list is literally endless.  They are known for their ability to craft items while understanding the properties of silver and unique techniques to manipulate shapes.  Since every metal has different properties, they require a silversmith to understand the different temperatures and working requirements.

Here is a breakdown of the steps included in silversmithing:

  1. Sawing / cutting the metal
  2. Filing
  3. Hammering and shaping (metalwork)
  4. Soldering
  5. Finishing and polishing

Do you have a special piece that has dents, cracks, splits or other damage?  We can restore it back to its original condition at Forms in Sculpture.  Find out more here!

Leaving a Lasting Impression!

What is our lasting impression?  It’s called powder coating.  This incredibly durable finish creates beauty, uniqueness, and protection for years to come on the items you love.

Powder coating is an electronically baked on powder that is heated to 400 degrees for one hour. It is used primarily on aluminum and steel to give a long lasting and durable finish.

What Can Be Powder Coated?   

Anything that can withstand temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit can be powder coated. This includes all alloys and heat-resistant plastics.

Why Powder Coat?

  • It refreshes the look of older, worn pieces with a beautiful finish.
  • It lets you customize and coordinate with colors in your house.
  • It extends the life of your items.
  • It is perfect for a high-use environment because of its durability and hardened surface.

A wide variety of powder coating colors and finishes are available at Forms in Sculpture.  We would love to show you the options!

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Restoring Antique Door Locks!

Metal restoration isn’t just about returning the items back to their original beauty and brilliance. A lot of times its goes beyond the cosmetics of the item being restored.

When dealing with restoring antique door locks there is a mechanical and functional aspect that needs to be addressed. Old metal rusts especially when exposed to outside elements. For that reason, many antique locks have issues centered around oxidation or even insects can intrude making a home inside the locking mechanism. Both of these can lead to antique locks seizing up internally.

At Forms In Sculpture we carefully examine the casing and diagram the internal workings. All the mechanical pieces are then removed and polished to remove the rust and any other foreign objects. From time to time the locks may have cracks or even breaks. When antique locks are damaged enough, they may need some level of fabrication as a part of the antique lock repair.

These locks are pieces of history. It’s important when restoring them to handle them with care. Contacting Forms In Sculpture to restore your timeless locks will help ensure many more years of use!

Below are photos of antique door locks Forms In Sculpture has been working on for a variety of historical homes in Pennsylvania. It’s been our pleasure to see these locks come back to life!

Stunning Before & After!

Would you take a look at this stunning before and after! 

Our restoration specialist, Paul, spent hours stripping all the wax and paint from this beautiful bronze sculpture to prepare it for an acid wash. He then mechanically and by hand cleaned the surface perfectly so he could apply the bronze and antique affect throughout the body of the sculpture. The dress is a beautiful shade of rainbow violet with a patina finish in blue. Last but most certainly not least the hair has black patina to add contrast throughout. As the last process of restoration a lacquered finish was applied to the entire sculpture to help keep the brilliance of this sculpture for years to come!