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Forms In Sculpture Blog

The Forms In Sculpture Blog is a collection of posts about our past projects and informational pieces about the services that we offer.

Show you Care with our Care Products!

Once we have restored your item, you can preserve its beauty with our high-quality line of care products. We offer a variety of copper, brass, silver, and pewter care products in spray, liquid, and dip form. We also offer fabric pouches that will help prevent your silver from tarnishing. Hagerty Silversmiths’ Spray PolishThe enhanced formula works to maintain your silver’s
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Finding Treasures?

During this time of self-quarantine, many of us are finding ourselves in uncertain times.  We are with you!  Our family at Forms In Sculpture is offering curbside drop off and pick up.  You can even email us with a photo so that we can provide you with a quote.  More than anything, we are sending out good vibes for everyone
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The “Silver Lining”

Did you know that we employ only highly skilled silversmiths to repair your precious antiques and valuable metal items?  You might be wondering what a silversmith does.  Silversmiths make and repair objects that are fabricated from sterling or silver.  From jewelry to ornaments, the list is literally endless.  They are known for their ability to craft items while understanding the
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Leaving a Lasting Impression!

What is our lasting impression?  It’s called powder coating.  This incredibly durable finish creates beauty, uniqueness, and protection for years to come on the items you love. Powder coating is an electronically baked on powder that is heated to 400 degrees for one hour. It is used primarily on aluminum and steel to give a long lasting and durable finish.
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Restoring Antique Door Locks!

Metal restoration isn’t just about returning the items back to their original beauty and brilliance. A lot of times its goes beyond the cosmetics of the item being restored. When dealing with restoring antique door locks there is a mechanical and functional aspect that needs to be addressed. Old metal rusts especially when exposed to outside elements. For that reason,
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Stunning Before & After!

Would you take a look at this stunning before and after!  Our restoration specialist, Paul, spent hours stripping all the wax and paint from this beautiful bronze sculpture to prepare it for an acid wash. He then mechanically and by hand cleaned the surface perfectly so he could apply the bronze and antique affect throughout the body of the sculpture.
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