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Forms in Sculpture was created in 1974 in Sarasota, FL

About Forms in Sculpture...

David Cohen, 1st generation, built the facility in Gulf Gate village for his son Bruce Cohen. Bruce grew up in Philadelphia, PA and relocated to Sarasota, FL as a young teenager. Bruce and his father David, were extremely talented metal workers and had started Forms in Sculpture. Originally started as an artist studio and gallery for creating beautiful, handcrafted crafted copper, brass, and bronze sculptures.

In the late 70s, Bruce had built a business and a full gallery displaying thousands of art pieces at the Gulf Gate location.

Bruce attended and graduated Riverview High School and entered many art displays and competitions around town. For many years he even taught metal sculpture and provided lessons to many customers of Forms in Sculpture.

The company eventually evolved into a service business that gave customers the ability to bring in any broken and tarnished metal work. Bruce’s talents and skill level allowed him to repair and refinish anything that was metal.

After many years of dedication, he had built a business who employed many polishers, platers, and silversmiths.

This took the business to a high quality metal restoration service. The company specialized in the restoration of precious antiques, lighting, hardware, sculpture, and bronzes. He used his skill and researched methods of old world silversmithing techniques.

Forms in Sculpture is one of the only silver platers left in the country, which we pride ourselves on using quadruple plating techniques originally started in the 1890s, this technique was used in the hotel silver era, where pieces took on a lot of abuse and wear. Its a proven technique that is still performed everyday in our facility.

In 2006, Bruce Cohen’s son, David Cohen, 3rd generation started running the business and continues on with the family tradition and history by providing an old world service for many years to come!

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